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Aerospace Pressure  Sensors  

Pressure Sensors

FCI’s piezoresistive pressure sensing technology permits highly reliable detection of pressure in the harshest aerospace and military applications with a no moving part element. With reported Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) in excess of 60,000+ hours, FCI’s Pressure Sensors are specified as switches and transmitters to detect pressure values in air, hydraulic and gearbox oil, coolants, potable water, fuel and other fluids and applications.
The typical pressure element is installed with a flanged or threaded process connection through the wall of the pipe, duct, reservoir or gearbox, while the electronics are integrally mounted to the element. The hermetically or environmentally sealed housing for the electronics is equipped with an electrical connector or flying lead for connection with the customer’s system or data buss. The electronics include a set point that is an open collector, switch contacts or a digital output that reliably indicate that the process pressure is above or below the measured pressure in the application. FCI’s technical staff can describe existing designs that meet many requirements, and they can provide recommendations for modified designs for application specific requirements. FCI provides sensors for temperature service to 500° F [260° C] and pressures to 5000 psig [345 bar(g)].

Typical applications include pressure sensing of air, oil in hydraulic, lubricating and gearbox systems, fluids in coolant and heating systems, fuel in tanks and reservoirs and water in potable and gray water systems. Please review specific applications in the Applications Section of our Web Page.


Pressure Series

  Model       Type  
  AS-PE Element  
  AS-PS Switch  
  AS-PT Transmitter  

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