Fluid Components International's Aerospace Division, FCI Aerospace, is dedicated to providing level, temperature, flow and pressure measurement sensors and solutions for on-board aircraft applications.  

FCI Aerospace is a global supplier to aircraft manufacturers and sub-system suppliers across the world.  Our product capabilities include built-to-specification sensors as well as COTS solutions.  FCI Aerospace products enjoy a reputation for superior quality and performance,  and no-low routine maintenance longest service life and lowest cost of ownership.  Our aircraft sensor solutions are installed on both fixed wing and rotary aircraft and in both commercial and military aircraft.  In addition to aircraft, FCI Aerospace division has provided sensor solutions to marine and shipboard applications, military vehicles and space craft. 
FCI is ISO9001 and AS9100 certified and a continuous improvement manufacturer.  FCI’s design, manufacturing and calibration systems, processes and facilities are continuously reviewed and audited by all major contractors and airframe manufacturers enabling FCI to provide proposals directly to system suppliers and prime contractors, alike. Our ever growing, world-class flow calibration facility currently has 19 precision flow stands to meet the needs of our customers and includes liquid flow stands for wide flow rate and temperature ranges in aerospace fluids, such as fuels, hydraulic fluids, coolants and other critical liquids.

FCI Aerospace is committed to providing the most reliable, cost effective sensors to the commercial and military aircraft, space, vehicle and marine industries available in the market today.