Military Aerospace

Environmental Cooling Systems (ECS)
  • PACK Air – temperature, mass flow, and pressure
  • Avionics and Crew Low Air Flow Alarms – temperature and mass flow switches and transmitters
  • Cooling Effects Detectors (CED) – integrated temperature and mass flow switches
  • Bleed Air – high temperature mass flow and pressure switches and transmitters
  • Cabin Temperature – multiple point temperature and transmitter outputs
  • Radar and Electronic Pod Health Monitoring – temperature, mass flow and pressure switches and transmitters
  • On Board Oxygen Generating – temperature and flow switches and elements

Water, Waste and Service Cart Systems
  • Potable Water – temperature and multipoint liquid level elements with controller electronics
  • Waste Tank – high alarm liquid level
Oil Detection in Engine, Auxiliary Power Unit, AMAD and Generator Gearboxes and Reservoirs
  • Gearbox Remote Oil Level Sensors (ROLS) – liquid level elements
  • Oil Temperature Sensors – temperature elements and switches
  • Oil Reservoir Level Sensors – single/multipoint liquid level switches and continuous liquid level transmitters

Hydraulic Systems
  • Hydraulic Oil Sensors – temperature elements; flow and pressure transmitters
  • Hydraulic Oil Reservoir Monitor – temperature and liquid level switches and transmitters
  • Hydraulic Oil System Health Monitors – temperature, liquid level, flow and pressure switches and transmitters

Fuel Systems
  • Engine Control – temperature and flow transmitters
  • Fuel Transfer – flow switches
  • Fuel Tank Inerting Sensors – temperature, flow and pressure transmitters
  • Auxiliary Fuel Tanks – temperature, liquid level and flow switches and transmitters
  • Heat Exchanger Leak Detection – temperature and flow transmitters