FCI’s Aerospace division has designed and developed custom and COTS level, flow and temperature sensors for Military ships, including both surface and submarine vessels.  In applications for level detection or flow sensing where temperature measurement is also required, FCI’s thermal dispersion technology is the premier solution. FCI’s thermal dispersion sensing technology is inherently dual-function, level + temperature and flow + temperature, and provides significant space and weight savings as well as lowest installation and maintenance cost.
Moisture, salt, vibration, and power supply stability are just a few of the challenges to accurate, repeatable and reliable flow, level and temperature measurement in marine environments. For decades FCI has been providing marine-worthy solutions, such as engine oil level alarms and engine room ventilation flow detection/assurance. Rugged stainless steel sensors and wetted parts, corrosion resistant stainless steel housings, wide ranging power supplies, vibration testing and compliance are just a few of the product attributes available in FCI liquid level sensors, flow switches and alarms,  air/gas flow meters and temperature sensors.
  • Crew Quarters, Battery, And Engine Room Ventilation Flow Assurance
  • Electronics Bays Air Flow/Ventilation
  • Freon Liquid Level Monitoring
  • Pre-Clogging And Clogged Filter Alarms
  • Potable Water Level Sensing
  • Waste Tank High Level Alarm
  • Engine Oil Level Detection
  • Gearbox Oil Low Level Alarm
  • Fuel Tank Level
  • Hydraulic Systems Oil Level, Flow Measurement, Temperature