AS-FT Flow Sensor

FCI provides flow transmitters that include a thermowell mounted sensing element and integral or remote electronics that accurately indicate flow rate at the sensing location. The flow element is directly installed into piping or ducting on commercial and military aircraft, spacecraft, vehicles and marine applications.

Please complete and submit the attached Application Data Sheet or contact FCI’s Field Representative in your area to receive a technical quotation for your Flow Switch application.


  • Lubricating oil/hydraulic fluid systems
  • Bleed air systems
  • Ground and in-flight refueling


Service: Liquid or gas flow.

  • Flow: ± 2% full scale; higher accuracy optionally available.
  • Temperature: ± 2% over the specified range.

  • Flow: ± 1% of full signal range.
  • Temperature: ± 1° F [± 0.5° C] over specified range.

Time Response:
  • Air: 3 seconds.
  • Liquid: 2 seconds.

Reliability (MTBF): 60,000+ Hours.

Qualifications: MIL STD 810 and RTCA/DO-160, customer project qualification support optionally available.

Quality System Approvals: ISO9001 and AS9000

Weight: 0.25 to 0.30 lbs. [0.11 to 0.13 kgs] nominal, 0.25 inch NPT with 18 inch pigtail - 0.12 to 0.15 lb nominal, depending on insertion length. Remote Electronic Enclosure: 0.8 lb nominal.

Flow Element

Materials of Construction: Wetted part 300 service stainless steel with nickel braze per AMS 4777 or all welded construction; passivated finish per QQ-P-35; special alloys including titanium available.

Process Connection: Flanged or threaded.

Insertion Length: Per customer requirement.

Operating Temperature: -65° to +500° F [-54° to +260° C], higher temperature service optionally available.

Operating Pressure: To 1000 psig [69 bar(g)]

Proof Pressure: To 2000 psig as required by application.

Enclosure: Pigtail leads to customer lengths or connector.

Controller - Provided by customer of FCI

Operating Temperature: -40° to +160° F [-40° to +71° C]

Input Power: 28 Vdc nominal per MIL STD -704.

Power Consumption: 100 to 200 mA depending on flow rate.

Output Signal: Separate 0 to 5V linear analog temperature and flow signals. 4-20 mA, 600 ohm impedance optionally available.

Control Unit Enclosure: Aluminum Alloy painted lusterless black per MIL-C-83286; integral control unit enclosure optionally available.

Electrical Connection: Military or commercial connector.

Flow Turndown Ratio: Customer specified, up to 100:1

Optional Equipment: In-line flow body with flanged or threaded construction; calibration and/or material certificates.

Optional N.I.S.T. Test Lab Calibration Services
Factory N.I.S.T. calibration is available as an option for customer specified setpoint(s).