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FCI Headquarters in La Costa MeadowsThank you for visiting the Fluid Components International, LLC Vendor Center. Through this site, you have access to all critical purchasing information and forms. If you should need additional assistance or forms not provided on this site, please contact the buyer listed on your Purchase Order.
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Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
This document outlines all FCI terms and conditions and is applicable to all Purchase Orders

Vendor Document Change Request
This document is to be used for all Suppliers document change request.

FAR Flow Down Provisions
In the event an FCI Purchase Order bears a U.S. Government contract number or the designation "Government", this Purchase Order and the contract resulting there from shall be subject to the FAR Flow Down Provisions as referenced herein.

Supplier Initial Review
This document must be fully executed by suppliers prior to being added to the FCI Approved Supplier List.

P.O. Comments/ QA Clauses
This document is to be used to outline FCI supplemental Quality Assurance requirements.