Nuclear Products

Nuclear ProductsSince 1978 FCI has been delivering level, flow and temperature measurement solutions to the nuclear power industry. FCI products are applied in both safety-rated and balance of plant applications in both BWR and PWR designs. FCI products and quality systems have the certifications and credentials that comply with global standards nuclear plant installations.
Our products include:
  • Flow Switches and Alarms
  • Air Mass Flow Meters
  • Level Gauges
  • Level Switches and Alarms
  • Gas Mass Flow Meters
  • Spent fuel pool level/temperature

Engineers at EPC's, reactor manufacturers and utility owner/operators look to FCI to provide level and flow measurement instrumentation that achieve superior performance, reliability and longest service life at the lowest installed cost.
  • Rated #1 in thermal dispersion flow and level technology
  • Multi-variable measurement saves instrumentation costs
  • Reductions in piping and tap points
  • Product Selection, Solution Engineering
  • Lowest pressure loss technology saves power
  • Global Sales, Service, Support and Training
  • No moving part technology, No Maintenance
  • Extensive Nuclear Qualifications and Certifications

We invite you to navigate our site, download product literature and discover how FCI- Nuclear instrumentation can be your partner in level, flow and temperature measurement solutions for your nuclear plant. 

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