Flow Switches

Flow SwitchesFlow switches are either mechanical or electronic devices that provide a signal to an operator or control system that the flow rate is exceeding or has fallen below a setpoint value.  When the flow rate is above (high flow) or below (low flow) the setpoint, electronic flow switches trigger an output signal, typically a relay or transistor, to change state.  The change in state can be applied as a warning, an alarm signal, to adjust a process control device, suspend or shut-down the process, etc.

FCI flow switches are electronic flow switches.  They apply thermal dispersion flow measurement technology to provide highly accurate and repeatable flow rate to achieve a highly reliable and repeatable setpoint detection.  Depending on model, they are applied in liquids, including water, hydrocarbons, and oils, and air or gas flows.  We provide a wide range of product solutions to service applications in fluid temperatures up to 850°F/454°C, line sizes from 1/8 inch (3mm) to 60 inches (1500 mm) and larger, global agency approvals for Div.1/Zone 1, and Div.2/Zone 2 installations, SIL 1, SIL 2, process connections from threaded to flanged, IP65 to IP67 ratings, and more. Flow switch output selections include heavy-duty DPDT relays, hermetically sealed relays, open collector and 4-20mA.  Depending on the model, alarms/ trip-points are field configurable for flow, temperature, high or low, hysteresis, time delay and more. 

In addition to general-purpose models, the model FS10A is specifically designed for applications in process analyzers and sampling systems.
When your flow switch application is best solved with an ultra-reliable, long service life and industrial-grade electronic instrument, please look further at FCI’s selections below.

FLT93 Series Flow Switches

Ultra Rugged, High Performance Flow Switches for Liquids and Gases

FS10 Series Flow Switch + Monitor

FS10 Series: Flow Switch+Monitor for Analyzers and General Purpose Pipe Insertion