Illustration of thermal dispersion theory showing heated and unheated sensor RTDs with delta-t temperature difference in flow streamFCI offers the widest selection of thermal dispersion technology instrumentation products. When rugged conditions combine with strict process control requirements, FCI’s thermal dispersion RTD sensing elements establish an unmatched record of superior product performance and reliability for the harshest environments.

Advantages of Thermal Dispersion (thermal mass flow meters):
  • No moving parts, orifices, bearings or seals to foul or fail
  • Accuracy for precision flow measurement, especially in low flow applications
  • Repeatability for consistent measurement in complex process environments
  • Wide flow range and wide turndowns for a broad range of applications
  • Highly reliable and dependable in rugged process environments
  • Easy installation with reduced maintenance requirements

FLT93 Series Flow Switches

Ultra Rugged, High Performance Flow Switches for Liquids and Gases

FLT93 Series Level Switches

FCI’s broad line of FLT93 series level switches and interface switches detect, monitor and alarm on point levels of all liquids. FCI's level switches are designed for accurate, highly repeatable trip-point sensitivity in water, oils, chemicals in industrial plants and processes. 

FS10 Series Flow Switch + Monitor

FS10 Series: Flow Switch+Monitor for Analyzers and General Purpose Pipe Insertion

ST Series Flow Meters

Thermal Air/Gas Mass Flow Meters

FS10i Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Thermal Flow Meters for Air, Compressed Air, or Natural Gas

MT Series Multipoint Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Large Line Size, and Ducts Multipoint Air/Gas Mass Flow Meters

OEM Flow Meters

VORTAB® Flow Conditioners

Custom Products

Custom products for special applications

OEM Flow Switches

OEM Level Switches