Custom Products

Custom ProductsThe Custom Product group focuses on special applications that utilize FCI's 40+ years of successful industrial and aerospace engineering design and manufacturing experience. Every custom product feature is designed and developed for that customer's specific application requirements. FCI is proud of our abilities and historical success in solving some of the most difficult and unique flow, level and temperature applications.

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Rain and Moisture Sensor Shields MT Series Prevents "wet" gas liquid droplets, such as rain or condensation, from contacting the sensor surface and causing incorrect flow readings.
Custom Extended Sensor Lengths FLT Series NuTec Series
ST Series
Provides necessary installation safety and protection for high temperature applications or piping with thick insulation.
Coatings for Corrosive Processes FLT93S MT Series Protects sensors from highly corrosive processes in which acids and caustic chemicals condense on the sensor.
Quick Disconnect Sensors FLT Series MT Series Provides simple disassembly and assembly convenience in single or multiple flow/level or flowmeter installations.
Sanitary Process Connections FLT93C NuTec Series
Provides and meets the necessary stringent sanitary and cleanliness requirements for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.
Sun and Wind Enclosure Shades ST Series
MT Series
Provides additional environmental protection in outdoor applications where constant heat, glaring sun and blowing sand may impact the integrity of remote electronic enclosures.
Chromium Carbide Coatings FLT93S
MT Series
Protects the sensor(s) and support structure in abrasive process applications.