Support ServicesCustomers are the focus of FCI’s organization. Every day, around the world, FCI commits to helping customers realize the full value of our products and services. Customer requirements change. This constant change drives FCI to find even better ways to serve our customers. 

The customer is why FCI is in business!

FCI Customer Support Services ensures the installation and commissioning (start-up) of your FCI flow, level and temperature instruments goes as smoothly as possible. Depending on the instrument involved, these services may include some of the following:
  • Pre-installation Site Evaluation identifies and avoids potential problems that may affect FCI's instrument performance in your application.

  • Installation Assistance utilizes an experienced FCI representative to help you properly integrate our instruments into your process, provides supervision as required, and performs various procedures to ensure your FCI instrument complies with performance specifications.

  • Instrument Calibration Validation utilizes an FCI sales or service representative to precise adjust your FCI instrument to deliver the optimum start-up performance.

  • ISO 9000 Support provides you with calibration and certification documentation to meet ISO 9000 certification requirements.

  • Service Training utilizes FCI factory-trained and certified instructors provide your personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain and maximize the performance of your FCI instruments.

  • Application Evaluation helps you evaluate your application requirements in an effort to identify possible problems and ensure a successful installation and operation.

  • Recommended Spare Parts are based on product-performance history to identify which parts are recommended for stock inventory to minimize downtime.

  • Extended Product Warranty helps to keep your instruments in peak operating condition.

Ensure the success of your application by contacting your FCI representative or our factory Customer Support to determine and select those services that apply to the instrument you have purchased or are considering to purchase. Then decide which of these are most appropriate for your needs.

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