Natural Gas Flow Measurement: More Calories To Burn!

Presented by: Art Womack,
Business Development Manager, Fluid Components International (FCI)

Natural gas consumption in industrial processes continues to grow and there are ever greater demands with regards to energy efficiency and the reduction of emissions. As such, it is important to know the calorific value of the natural gas feed to your process (burners, boilers, ovens, furnaces, dryers, etc.). This workshop will provide engineers and operators with an understanding of thermal flow technology and the benefits that allow for greater process efficiency when used as part of your combustion control and burner management systems.

• Learn how to address process efficiency challenges 
• Explore the impact of inaccurate flow measurement 
• Discover the benefits of thermal mass flow meters in non-custody transfer 
• Learn to Control Your Natural Gas Burn To Cut Fuel Costs and Emissions 

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