New SIL 2 Rated FCI FS10i Flow Meters Are Perfect Fit For Air, Compressed Air and Natural Gas Flow Measurement

The FS10i Flow Meter Series is an economical and easy to install solution to measure the flow rate of air and natural gas. Its small, compact size, plug-in wiring and in-line or insertion style threaded connection into the piping ensures quick and effective installation. The versatile FS10i flow meters are designed for applications that include air compressors efficiency and leak detection, blowers, boiler and burner air and gas fuel feed lines, calciners, clean room air exchange assurance, engines, furnaces, kilns, ovens, paint and sprayer booths, packaging equipment, and plant or campus sub-metering systems. Learn more about:

NEW! SIL 2 Rated; Introducing FS10i Mass Flow Meters; Air, Compressed air, Natural gas applications; FS10i flow meter with pipe tee and insertion compression fitting; FS10i flow meter; In-line pipe tee for 1 -inch and 2-inch diameter pipes; 1/2-inch NPT adjustable compression fitting; 6-inch [152 mm] or 12-inch [305 mm] length