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FCI Is Where The HART Is

​Instrumentation continues to evolve from a simple measuring device, reporting only one process parameter, into smart instruments providing users with data on multiple process parameters, the instrument’s health and fault diagnosis, and asset management over a digital communications bus.


Selecting Instrumentation For Functional Safety (SIL) Applications

Over the past couple of decades, the process industries have seen many changes when it comes to the design and implementation of emergency shutdown/safety systems.  The introduction of several international and regional standards requires a more rigorous approach to the overall safety lifecycle of a system compared to the use of best engineering design practices of the past.  As a result, a broader and significant increase in the implementation of these standards has been noted within the industry.


Accurate Process Measurement with Calibrated Mass Flow Meters

As a specifying engineer, whether you are looking for a mass flow meter for pure gases or mixed gases such as flare gas, biogas, or flue gas, you want to accurately measure your process. Why add uncertainty into your measurements by selecting a thermal flow meter that has been calibrated only in air then adjusted with a correction factor, when an actual fluid calibration is available?