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Instrumentation continues to evolve from a simple measuring device, reporting only one process parameter, into smart instruments providing users with data on multiple process parameters, the instrument’s health and fault diagnosis, and asset management over a digital communications bus.
One of the primary bus communication protocols, and the largest deployment in the process industries, is HART. Besides digital bus communications, HART is often selected because a standard, portable HART communicator tool can be used to perform instrument application/installation specific set-ups and localizations; e.g. select flow meter pipe size and engineering units.
To get the full benefit of HART, the instrument’s comm port must be full, two-way I/O. It is simply inadequate and of little value in today’s process environment to be limited to just a HART output. Further, the best practice to ensure seamless compatibility and integration is to only use instruments that have been independently tested and certified by the HART organization (now FieldComm Group) and are a registered device. Beyond the product’s integrity, a validated and Fieldcomm Group certified device driver (a.k.a. DD file) is additional insurance of compatibility.
Demonstrating our commitment to HART, FCI has been a member of the organization for more than 15 years. FCI manufacturer’s ID in HART tools is 0000a6. FCI offers more thermal mass flow meters with HART communications I/O than any other manufacturer. Every FCI HART flow meter, and its complementary DD file, has been independently validated and certified by Fieldcomm Group.

FCI HART Models 
ST51/ST51A Mass Flow Meters
ST75 Series Mass Flow Meter
ST100 Series Mass Flow Meters
MT100 Series Mass Flow Meters
ST98 Series Mass Flow Meter
Control Magazine – “Getting a grip on handheld HART communication and calibration devices”

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Fluid Components International

Posted on 10/18/2017 10:16:14 AM

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