Wastewater Treatment

The various methods used to treat industrial and municipal wastewater require measuring air, gases and liquids. FCI’s air/gas flow meters and liquid/gas flow/level/temperature switches feature a rugged no-moving parts thermal dispersion sensor for direct mass flow measurement with built-in temperature compensation to provide high accuracy. They offer wide 100:1 turndowns and come with full instrument hazardous area Ex approvals and SIL safety ratings. Easy to install, they need virtually no maintenance over a long life with low total lifecycle costs to support:
  • Aeration basin air flow measurement and control
  • Digester gas production and flow rate
  • Ozone flow rate in O3 disinfection systems
  • Digester flare gas flow metering
  • Pump Low/No Flow Detection and Alarming
  • Co-generation and CHP digester gas and natural gas blending

Technical Articles

The following are some of the technical articles pertinent to the Wastewater Treatment industry