EPA GHG Mandate Flow Meters

The US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new mandate per 40 CFR part 98 requires greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting. Fluid Components International (FCI) is familiar with the mandate and is prepared to assist customers needing to measure GHG gas flows to meet this mandate. FCI has the products and tools to help you get the right flow meter for the application. The US EPA’s new GHG reporting mandate requires more than 10,000 facilities report the annual mass flow of greenhouse gases from their operations. For many operations, actual GHG measurements are required and for others, actual measurement can provide the best available technology solution that ensures long-term, accurate compliance. FCI manufactures an extensive line of gas mass flow meter solutions that can help plant managers with their compliance objectives.

FCI’s thermal dispersion technology gas flow meters are direct mass flow measuring instruments and most require only a simple, single insertion point into a pipe or stack to install. Instruments are available for installation in line sizes from ¼” to more than 100”. Further, FCI’s accuracies of ±1% reading, ±0.5% of full scale exceed the stated acceptable accuracy within the EPA mandate.

Measurements include mass flow rate, totalized flow and temperature with electronic output options that include a built-in digital readout, standard 4-20mA analog outputs and/or digital bus communications like HART and Profibus. Precision calibrations matched to the application, installation conditions and actual gas are a hallmark of FCI flow meters. FCI has extensive experience in producing high accuracy, highly repeatable flow meters for methane (CH4), N20, SF6, HFCs, PFCs and CO2 as called out in the EPA mandate.
  • Special toll free GHG Hotline at 1-800-863-8704, ext. 218 or 117 for immediate personal assistance from an FCI applications engineer experienced in GHG gas flow measurement.
  • AVAL is a simple online tool that assists you in selecting and recommending the optimum flow meter. You will want to be prepared with information on line size, gas type(s), expected flow rates, temperature conditions. If you have not logged into FCI or downloaded product information before, it will ask you to register the first time.
  • Fast Track Recalibration Service: Make it known to FCI's service department and your local representative that you need your existing FCI flow meter recalibrated for the EPA mandate and FCI will take steps to ensure your recalibration service is expedited in time to comply.

Call 1-800-863-8704, ext. 148 or 117 FCI has supported its customers, represented the thermal flow meter community and has been the lead advocate in meetings and personal contact directly with the EPA to obtain clarifications and guidance on the use of thermal flow meters in EPA GHG mandate compliance. Below are current updates from the EPA


Subpart HH: Landfills

On October 26, 2009 Fluid Components (FCI), along with major landfill owners and other stakeholders in the solid waste industry, met with representatives from the USEPA Climate Change division to obtain clarifications on the use of thermal dispersion flow meters.

In summary, it was clarified that thermal dispersion flow meters are acceptable flow meters for compliance with section HH and confirmed by US EPA’s written update on their FAQ sections

EPA’s FAQ statement:

Q: Does EPA accept thermal flow meters for measuring volumetric flow rate of LFGs?
A: Thermal mass flow meters may be used to comply with the monitoring requirements of the rule provided they meet the accuracy requirements under section 98.3(i). Calibration should be done as specified by the manufacturers if none of the methods listed in section 98.344(b) or (c) are applicable.

Read full FCI summary letter

Subpart C: General Stationary Fuel Combustion Sources

Calibration Requirements:

Q: Does EPA accept thermal flow meters for measuring volumetric flow rate under 98.34?
A: The MRR does not specify equipment type but rather lists standard methods used to quality assure fuel flow meters. Any fuel flow meter that can be calibrated based on one of the methods specified in 98.34 (b)(4) is acceptable. The calibration may be conducted by the reporter or an independent third party so long as the standard method is adhered to and the calibration does not deviate from the method.

Note: All FCI thermal flow meters comply and are acceptable. All FCI thermal flow meters are always calibrated per methods specified in 98.34 (b)(4) as deployed in FCI’s NIST traceable flow stands and calibration laboratory.

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