How to Measure Hydrogen Flow

Whether your Hydrogen is derived from green, blue, grey, purple/pink, turquoise, brown/black, yellow, or white hydrogen production or capturing processes, or for air or other gases flow measurements ancillary to the H2 process or production, there is an FCI flow meter solution.   FCI hydrogen flow meters utilize advanced thermal mass flow meter technology to provide superior accuracy and repeatability.  FCI thermal mass gas flow meters are provided in outdoor rugged, Div.1/Zone approved enclosures, and with industry’s widest selection of analog and bus comm outputs to connect with your systems.  Available for use in pipe diameters as small as ¼ inch [6 mm] to the largest of stacks and ducts, no moving parts to clog or maintain, and FCI exclusive features and functions such as patented AST™ thermal measuring technology, best-in-class digital + graphical LCD readouts, application optimized sensing flow sensor elements, and in-situ calibration verification checks, FCI thermal mass flow meters for hydrogen will save you time and money over the longest service life.
  • Electrolyzer Systems
  • Safety Vent Open/Close Assurance and Alarms
  • Steam/Methane Reformer Systems
  • Gasification Systems
  • Electrolysis Processes
  • Industrial Process By-Product Measurement
  • Methane Pyrolysis
  • Process Off-Gases
  • H2 Storage Sites

Hydrogen, being the lightest gas, presents unique challenges to successful flow metering.  As specified in ISO standard 14511, section 8 for accurate, repeatable flow measurements using a thermal mass flow meter calibration in the actual gas is the best practice and air/gas equivalency calibrations are inadequate. FCI hydrogen flow meters are calibrated in hydrogen at your specific process’ conditions to ensure you best-in-class, installed performance.  Accurate, repeatable flow measurements also required a full developed flow profile which require 15d-20d upstream and 10d downstream straight-run or use of a flow conditioner.  For limited straight-run applications, FCI utilizes Vortab® flow conditioners the produces a fully developed, swirl-free profile with industry’s least pressure drop.

Flow Meters for line sizes larger than 2 inches [DN50]
Flow Meters for line sizes 2" [DN50] and smaller
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