Wet Gas Flow Meter

Moist or wet gases present a measurement challenge for all gas flow meter technologies. In many applications it is condensation droplets which impact the flow meter's accuracy and repeatability, rather than entrained moisture.   While best engineering practice would recommend removing the moisture from the gas using gas dryers, knock-out pots, or heat wrapping the pipe, those are not always feasible or only partially effective. Moisture, and condensation droplets, can be in the flow steam moving with the gas flow or can also be experienced in the form of rain coming down in an open, vertical stack, in which case the rain is traveling in the opposite direction of the gas flow. Common moist gas applications, and often condensation droplets are found in biogas recovery (WWTP digesters, landfill gas, biogas production systems) and reactors, while rain droplets found in open vertical stacks and flues are common in power plants, oil and gas operations, chemical plants and refineries.

For many years, FCI's constant power technology has been the proven and preferred thermal mass flow meter solution for gas flow measurement in moist gases. Now, FCI's new, innovative "wet gas" sensor delivers accurate, repeatable gas flow measurement in the presence of even more moisture and condensation droplets. Available with the Model ST80 and ST100A, this new "WG" sensor can be applied for use in entrained moisture and rain-shielding applications.

To learn more and see recommended installation techniques, specifications, and how to specify, please download our informative new "Best Practices in Moist and Wet Gas Flow" white paper today.

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