Flare Gas Flow Meters

FCI is the world's leading manufacturer of flare gas flow meters using thermal dispersion technology. FCI has the largest installed base and unmatched experience in a wide range of flare applications and installation conditions. From single line ground flares to complex multi-line, multi-plant systems, process operations control to regulatory reporting, single gas to complex, mixed hydrocarbon gases and from land-based to offshore platforms there is an FCI solution to measure your flare gas flow. In addition to flare gas flow meters, FCI has flow meter solutions for flare purge lines and assist gas feed lines.

FCI thermal dispersion flare flow meters have no moving parts, no glass windows or optics in the flow stream to foul, clog or clean. They are direct mass flow measuring and insert into a single tap point resulting in the lowest total installed cost solution. Wide turndown, multiple analog outputs, bus communications such as HART, Foundation Fieldbus, and Modbus, precision, actual gas calibrations, environmental agency compliant accuracy, global agency approvals for Ex installation, VeriCal in-situ calibration verification, SIL compliance ratings, and more are just part of features and functions available in FCI flare flow meter solutions.

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Visit FCI ST100A Series product page and click on the icon "download literature on this product". From the literature selection table select "ST100A Series Flare Flow Meter".

FCI white paper article "Flare Gas Flow Measurement and Control"